Tabel Perkembangan Psikososial Erik Erikson

Table 1 Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development
Stage or “Crisis” Approximate Age Range Important Event “Desired” Outcome/Trait “Negative” Outcome
I. Basic trust v. mistrust Birth–18 months Feeding, attachment Hope Fear, mistrust of others
II. Autonomy v. shame/doubt 18–36 months Toilet training Willpower Self-doubt
III. Initiative v. guilt 3–6 years Independence Purpose Guilt about thought and actions
IV. Industry v. inferiority 6–12 years School demands Competence Lack of competence
V. Identity v. role confusion 12–20 years Identity and peer relations Fidelity Inability to establish a sense of self
VI. Intimacy v. isolation 20–40 years Love relations Love Fear of intimacy
VII. Generativity v. stagnation 40–65 years Parenting, mentoring Care Self-absorption
VIII. Ego integrity v. despair 65–death Reflection and acceptance Wisdom Regret and doubt



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